I *Heart* Reusable Bags by Candice on September 13th, 2010

I’m sure this has happened to you shopping: you have decided on what you want to purchase (for me this most likely means clothes or shoes) and head to the register only to have the cashier ask, “would you like a bag for 5 cents?” My response is always “No thanks”.

Lucky for me I have a big enough purse that I can either stick the item right into it or use a reusable bag that I keep in there.  It’s not that I’m being cheap – I think it just makes sense. I save the use of unnecessary plastic, I get to use a bag that’s both comfortable on my shoulders and fashionable AND, yes, I save 5 cents. I think re-usable bags are perfect for any kind of shopping too – I mean, who says they’re only for grocery shopping!

For some of my favourite re-useable bags, see below. It’s no longer the average canvas tote anymore. There are choices galore! Colors, graphics, sizes, etc. They even come with convenient storage sacks so they can easily roll up and store in your purse. So the question is – why aren’t we all using them?

Interested in seeing some new designs in eco-friendly bags? Check out www.lavishandlime.com.

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