Introducing the #iQ Reuse Tips Series by Angela on September 9th, 2011

Thanks to our amazing fan base on our iQ Facebook page, we collected some great ideas from our “How do you Re-Use Contest”. So, we’re introducing the #iQReuseTips Series! A daily Re-Use Tip created for you, by you!

Every day on Facebook and Twitter, iQ will feature a Re-Use Tip of the Day, created from your very own entries. With so many great comments and neat ideas, this is a great way to share them with all our fans!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @PlanetPeopleCo to look out for your daily Re-Use Tip!

Week of October 10

–Next time you need a funnel, go to your recycling bin instead of the store.  2L pop bottles make great funnels
–Baby food jars can make creative air fresheners. Here’s a recipe for scented gelatin filled jars:
–Kitty litter containers are made of tough food grade plastic. Keep them out of our landfills by re-using them as floor washing pails.
–Need a toy for your puppy? Make a new tug a war rope by tying old shirts, towels and bed sheets together. It’s fun and easy!
–Make your lunch a liter-less one by using only re-usable containers!
–Old toothbrushes are a great tool for cleaning small nooks and crannies in the bathroom
–Save paper and save forests.  Switch to online or E-Billing options where you can
–Those Styrofoam trays from meat packaging are great to keep around. Wash and disinfect to use them for paint pallets or craft trays
–Have a lot of broken crayons? Remove their wrapping and melt them in cupcake wrappers in the oven. Fun shapes & new crayons!

Week of October 3

–Use Bull dog clips to close snack bags.  This keeps your food fresh for longer and reduces the amount of waste you create! There’s another advantage to buying prepackaged salad. Those 455g containers are great for holding anything from cookies to toys!

–Hand me downs will never go out of style.  You loved that shirt once, give someone else the chance to love it too!

–Using batteries means we have to find responsible ways of disposing them.  Find the facts you need here:

–Cloth Diapers 101: Better for our environment and safe for our babies

Using a re-usable BPA free water bottle can save thousands of pounds of plastic waste.  Switch now.

Week of September 26

–If you’re finished reading your magazines, drop them off at the local library, hospital or waiting room for other people to enjoy
–Use curb alerts when you have something to give away.  One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!
–Have an even number of lids and jars?  Put those orphaned lids to use with one of these great ideas:
–Furniture doesn’t have to have only one life.  Re-finish, re-purpose and re-use:
–Have a favorite liquid hand soap?  Try buying Family sized bottles and refilling your counter top dispensers
–Freecycle is an amazing network that lets you find and giveaway free items at a local level!
–Have a collection of worn out clothing?  Cut pieces out of each and make a wonderful quilt:

Week of September 19

–Upcycle clothing is a new wave. Check out this amazing store and see how it keep old clothes out of our landfills;
–If you think your towels have seen better days, give them a new life as wash clothes or rags to clean your car!
–Throwing out an old dishwasher? Save the cutlery basket and use it as a caddy to transport cutlery and condiments out onto the patio
–Do you love to read? Instead of buying books new, check out your nearest used bookstore to pickup a story that has a story of its own!
–Simple but classic: collect rain water in your very own rain barrel.  Find the tools you need here:
–Love to buy shoes? Shoe boxes are great to re-use for storage. You can label and stack them perfectly to keep your home organized
–Glass jars are great for more than just food.  Store buttons, nuts, bolts, or add some classic design to your home

Week of September 12

–We re-use cardboard boxes to ship, receive and send out all over again.   Give your boxes a chance to live more than once.
–Tired of your old shower curtains?  Put them to new use under your camping tent to keep the ground dry
–Re-using toilet paper rolls as seed planters is a great idea for your garden:
–If you’re having a garage sale, save up your plastic bags and give them away with purchases.  Re-Use passed from one neighbor to another!
–Finished eating all your Clementines? Decorate and Re-use that little wooden box as a window sill garden:
–Feeling like baking some bread? Re-use your old bread bags to keep your new loaf fresh!
–Ever had a cooler full of melted ice? Don’t waste it! Use it to water your plants!
–Just because you use plastic plates and plastic cutlery does not mean you have to throw them out! You can always wash and re-use!
–Give those 2 L Pop Bottles a new use as a sprinkler!:

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Can you purchase this product in stores?

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